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Our mission is to ensure all users of the web are included while using your products and services. Using technology to drive change, we provide Accessible web design, development, and digital marketing services that are inclusive of all disabilities, genders, ages, cultures, and languages.
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Aditya Bikkani, Founder

Aditya has over ten years of experience in management consulting and running multiple businesses as a third-generation entrepreneur. He is passionate about making people feel inclusive in any environment.

Graduating from Cleveland State University, Aditya double majored in Accounting and Real Estate Finance. His industry experience lies with Digital Publishing and eLearning for the past twelve years.

As a noted disability advocate, he spoke about Authoring the Next Generation of Accessible Content in Stockholm, Sweden.

Aditya is also a contributor to the W3C Cognitive Accessibility Community Group. This group serves to work with and support the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility (COGA) Task Force to improve web accessibility for people with cognitive and learning disabilities.

When he is not at work, he can be found outdoors hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, or in the gym. He is an aspiring amateur home cook looking to serve up plates of inspiration. Aditya’s all-time favorite food is a double peanut butter jelly sandwich.

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Aditya Bikkani story

My Story

Formerly a trained mortgage broker and accountant, I once dreamed of working on Wall Street before the economic crash of 2008. The pivot towards the IT industry taught me about the power of technology, and I soon realized that I could use technology to ultimately solve some of the challenges that I once struggled with daily. Growing up with an undiagnosed learning disability, I have since dedicated my career to integrating adaptive technologies to help those in similar situations.

My learning difficulty peaked during my secondary schooling years. A combination of inattentiveness to coursework and subpar reading comprehension abilities eventually led to anxiety during timed standardized tests.

Since being diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD only as an adult, I have found alternate learning methodologies that made my purpose personal. I hope to help young students get diagnosed early through technology to cope with their neurodiversity.

My mission extends well beyond the world of corporate strategy and business development. I founded AdvancedBytez with a deeply personal mission. My vision for the company is to build tools and digital products that help make the web more efficient for students with cognitive disabilities.


We work to expand the accessibility of the web worldwide, and work hard to ensure that no student will be denied access to a quality education simply because of their disabilities.


Inclusion- Foster a sense of belonging, and empower people to allow their dignity to be recognized

Courage - To have the courage to be different, to change, and grow

Empathy - Instilling empathetic values in how we interact with each other

Eager for change- Driven to create continuous change that improves people's lives

Diversity- Embrace and respect different cultural values, and perspectives

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Come visit our company

Our office is located in the heart of midtown Toronto at the Yonge Eglington Centre.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved completely virtual for the safety of our staff and clients.

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Get in touch, let's have a coffee together & talk about your project

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