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Struggling to write Accessibility Reports?

Easy installation – Setup the web accessibility tool with a simple click, as a Chrome browser extension

Granular Reporting – Experience an interactive dashboard with a detailed breakdown of issues

Multiple URL download – Audit unlimited URLs, save, and download all in one file for quick availability

Reporting Template – Use a pre-built, consolidated reporting template with custom headers and download in Excel format

Compare data – Archive and retrieve data for future use, comparison or further analysis

Automate your reporting and prioritize your day.
Scan. Save. Download.

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Instant Accessibility Report

Identify WCAG 2.1 Accessibility violation, get recommendations and fixes in one platform.

Audit your website for Accessibility errors. Scan a web page URL to generate an automated report.


Web Based

Use an Accessibility Chrome extension to assist developers in identifying the accessibility issues in a web page along with the possible recommendations and fixes. Our Chrome extension tests your website based on the global guidelines and creates a consolidated audit report in Excel format.

Automated Scan

Auto-scan websites with WCAG 2.1 standards to accelerate the web development process and ensure your website is meeting Level A and AA success criteria of web accessibility. Use a light-weight web accessibility tool and enjoy faster turnaround time.

Export Reports

Download a pre-formatted report with detailed issue descriptions, code snippets, success criteria and recommendations. Break down each identified issue for quick understanding and take actionable steps. A DIY accessibility reporting tool with elaborate and granular recommendations and fixes.

Visual Assistant

Empower users with a visual helper to emphasize the flagged error in real-time. A virtual assistant can provide automated, live assistance to the users during web accessibility checking and resolve any complaints the user may face in the process.

Multi-page support

Save hours of time spent on testing and writing reports, one page at a time. Use our web accessibility checker to audit multiple webpages in a domain and download all the issues in one pre-formatted file with relevant filters.

Utilizes Axe Core Library

Axe-core has different types of rules, for WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 on level A and AA, as well as a number of best practices that help you identify common accessibility practices. With axe-core, you can find on average 57% of WCAG issues automatically.

Dashboard View

Identify the severity of the web accessibility issues on the Wcag
Checker dashboard, with attractive visual charts and summaries.
Use appropriate filters to sort the errors for a 360-degree visibility.
You can select from the two filters severity and success criteria failures for complete transparency

Automated Issue Description

View the associated details of each identified issue by expanding the pane. Analyze every issue by complexity, severity, issue description, and success criteria violation on our web accessibility tool. You can also find proper recommendations to fix these issues


Scan desired webpages, save them in one location and download in one single Excel file with our accessibility Chrome extension. LERA allows for the option to archive files to retrieve for future use. A user must sign up to be able to save and download reports


A web accessibility tool is a software program or extension that evaluates your website against accessibility compliance standards like WCAG 2.1 and determines whether your website is easily accessible for people with disabilities.
To test the accessibility of your website, you need a web accessibility checker like LERA that performs a semi-automated evaluation of your website and generates a detailed audit report. Some of the common factors to keep in mind for creating an accessible website include adding alt texts for images, careful usage of color, accessible opt-in forms, and so on. These have to be tested manually.
A website accessibility checker is designed specifically to audit your website and make it accessible for persons with disabilities. The purpose of getting a website accessibility checker is to build a website that simplifies interaction and navigation for people with disabilities.
There are four types of accessibility testing, namely Automated Testing, User Testing, User Experience Testing, and Manual Code Review.
Peak accessibility is achieved with a combination of manual and automated methods. Automated testing helps in identifying and solving the easy issues, thereby allowing you to focus your efforts on manual testing. LERA takes it one step further by allowing you to generate automated reports as well that help you document issues more efficiently.

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