What is LERA?

LERA is an automated web-based accessibility testing and reporting tool. It is available for Windows as a Chrome browser extension. The three main functions of LERA are Scan, Report, and Export.

The Scan function audits one page at a time for any given domain against WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA success criteria.

Violations are shown as a Summary and a graphical distribution categorized by severity. Details of the issue available under the Automated Issues page. The issues can be filtered by Severity and Success Criteria, and each issue description expanded for further details. Apart from the issue description, LERA also displays the path, code snippet, and recommendations on how to fix the error. There is also a visual assistant that visually identifies the error on the target page. The element will be highlighted with a yellow shadow, and the page centers itself to bring the error to the center of the screen.

The Report workflow allows the user to save the scanned URL to their account as an excel sheet. Multiple URLs in the same domain can be added to the sheet allowing for the creation of custom reports. When compiling the report, a user can choose which issues they would like to add to the report. By default all the issues are included, and there is an option to deselect individual issues in the Automated Issues tab.

The Export function allows you to Archive the saved reports for future use, and Download reports at any time as an excel sheet. Archiving a report makes the report available to download at any time. Once Archived a report cannot be customized. It can be Downloaded or Deleted. The Active section of Reports is where current reports are saved. These reports can have additional audits added to them, and remain available until Archived or Downloaded. The excel sheet is pre-formatted with filters to allow for easier sorting of the issues.

LERA is an intelligent tool that allows you to automate your automated accessibility reporting. For more information on how to set up, use and frequently asked questions, please visit

How to save time and automate accessibility reports

Getting Started


The LERA workflow has three key components that must be used together to uncover the complete reporting experience. An account has to be created to save, build a report, download and unlock all the premium features that are shown in the step-by-step tutorial below.

The tool can also be used without an account but will be limited to running a scan and viewing the issues in the dashboard.

Watch a video

Click below to watch a tutorial video.
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