Accessibility Remediation

Inaccessible websites and applications prevent disabled users from interacting with your products as originally intended
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Accessibility Remediation

Accessibility Remediation

Accessibility remediation is the process of making your non-compliant digital assets accessible to people with disabilities. This process involves following the recommendations from the audit report in order to improve the UX for people with disabilities.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are the global recommendations for accessibility standards. WCAG version 2.0 level A and AA are the most widely used conformance levels globally. Section 508, and AODA (Canada) require this level, but the EU requires WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA. We would recommend conforming to the 2.1 standards as they are backward compatible with 2.0. To learn more on WCAG standards click here.

By evaluating and testing your site, application, and documents, we will be made aware of the shortcomings and how to address the changes.

After the audit, we will work together to build a plan on the next steps, about how to fix accessibility errors, in what sequence by the level of severity.

Remediation can be carried out by your developers or our web accessibility specialists. This could involve either fixing the code to comply or at times certain elements on a page may need to be recreated to make them fully accessible.

We can remediate the following-

  • Websites
  • Applications
  • Web, desktop, native mobile apps
  • Documents such as Microsoft Office files and PDFs
  • Images
  • Video and audio files

When choosing an accessibility vendor, you can count on our expertise. With our understanding of how web technologies work, and in-house development talent we make a perfect remediation partner.

All of our service levels include

Remediation Support

Our developers are skilled in PHP, Node.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and frameworks like Angular(version 2.0 +) and React

Developer Support

Should you choose to remediate in-house, we will help your developers in they any support


Windows 10, macOS10 +


iPad iOS14 +, Android 10 +


iPhone iOS 14+, Android 10+


Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari (latest versions)

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We’ll work with you to remediate your applications to ensure compliance, and let your users enjoy the new usability.
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