Digital Accessibility Services

We are a full service Digital Accessibility agency that provides web and document solutions.

Digital Accessibility Services

Digital accessibility is a critical issue for every business with a virtual presence today, the WHO reports that close to 20% of the world’s population experiencesome form of disability.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that with more people consuming online content, accessibility issues are more noticed than ever before

However, despite this revelation, many businesses have been slow to adopt accessibility for their online content.

At AdvancedBytez, we take an inclusive approach to help companies achieve accessibility for themselves and their clients. Whether you are starting out or need to meet a pressing deadline, we will deliver for you.

Accessibility Audits

Accessibility Audits

An audit is a detailed report of all the instances where your web or mobile application fails to meet accessibility guidelines. Each deficiency will be accompanied by exhaustive explanations of why it is a problem, and how to fix it.

Accessibility Remediation

Once your application is audited, the next step is to make it accessible. That is what remediation means. You can do it yourself, or work with our experts to get it done. We also remediate document formats like PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint to ensure ALL of your digital assets are accessible.

Accessibility Remediation
Accessibility Consulting

Accessibility Consulting

Don’t know where to start? Consult with us, and let us help you decide the best way to move forward with accessibility for your organization. Whether you are starting out, in the middle of a project, or need to meet a deadline, we are here for you.

Related Accessibility Services

Accessibility Audits

Audit your web application, or native mobile app to gauge how you stand on the Accessibility scale. This is a good first step if you are starting out.

Web Application Remediation

Fixing the errors is what makes your application accessible, not just an audit alone. It can be done in-house, or with the help of our experts.

Design Testing

Start testing for accessibility in the design stage and avoid rework in the future. Work along with our specialists to audit your design wireframes.

Accessible Web Development

We can design, audit, and develop websites for you that are WCAG compliant in WordPress, Shopify or using PHP, JQuery, Angular, HTML and Javascript.

Document Remediation

Accessibility doesn't end with web applications. Remediate PDF, and Microsoft suite documents to provide screen reader support.

Training Plans

Let us fill the knowledge gaps in your organization by providing custom training programs for different stakeholders.

Project Management

Don't know Accessibility? No problemo. We provide end-to-end project management from scoping to delivering a project.

Documentation and Reporting

We provide granular reports of the issues on the site, to regression testing, and authoring conformance statements after validation.

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