Kitchen repair company gets a new attractive website with a modern touch


A 2 Zee is the local’s favorite small family woven commercial kitchen maintenance provider serving the town of Wembley in Alberta, Canada.

From having decades of experience to offering high-end services, A 2 Zee is a trusted solution provider for kitchen repair and maintenance.


The A 2 Zee project took off with an involved discovery process where we interviewed the family members to understand their pain points and difficulties with the business.

During discovery, it was noticeable that the business was struggling to increase online sales during a time when everyone has a strong digital presence. Upon analyzing their website and sales funnels we discovered that:

  • The old site was outdated in terms of design
  • The images and logos were pixelated, and navigation was very poor
  • There were no contact forms or Call-to-Actions present on the site to convert visitors
  • The website was not Accessibility friendly

These pain points spearheaded the design strategy and development of the project.


With the goals outlined, we wireframed an effective strategy to revitalize the website. The design revolved around simplifying the conversion process of a visitor.

A 2 Zee’s navigation hierarchy on their old site was broken in places paving the way for entirely new website architecture.

Using responsive and mobile-first UI design principles, we ensured the website was mobile-friendly and easily accessible. Our ultimate goal was to streamline the user’s journey and provide a path of least resistance for them to convert by filling out a contact form.

Adding a “Get Quote” call to action at the beginning of the website allows the visitors to get in touch directly without them having to search for a contact form.

Accessibility was incorporated into the strategy to optimize the website and make it searchable by search engines and usable by humans.


After enhancing the user-experience strategy, our team started working on the design. Without any formal style guide, we were guided by the client in using their preferred brand colors and fonts. Using their preferred color palette, we built out the colors, fonts, and images that were intentionally curated to make the website aesthetically pleasing and more accessible.

Using a custom WordPress theme we built a content management system (CMS) for the client to have full control over their content. Pages were templated and created for them so that they can easily add new pages to the website without breaking accessibility and keeping the navigation consistent.

It is the intention of the business to sell kitchen-related products online, and we explored the possibility of integrating WooCommerce within the website. This portion of the build was tested and deemed resource-heavy on the website, affecting the performance by creating a lag in the loading speed. The WooCommerce integration is currently deferred to phase two of the build until the client can upgrade their hosting.

Jetpack is a popular plugin of our choice for WordPress that serves as an all-in-one plugin for just about anything. We can monitor security, performance, backups, malware scans, and have access to spam protection.

An SSL certificate was purchased and integrated with the website to allow for secure checkout and transactions.

Test & Launch

Once we were done with development, we worked diligently to test A 2 Zee’s new website. With the new features, it was essential to ensure that everything was perfectly usable by the users.

As part of the accessibility and functional testing process, we tested the website on multiple device and browser combinations. With the WooCommerce and eCommerce integration in mind for Phase 2 of the development, we ensured to double-check the data so that users would be able to create an account and successfully complete a transaction.

The advantage of such testing in the initial build will save time and money for the client when they decide to go live with their online store. The core product descriptions were already created and saved in the database allowing for plug-and-play with WooCommerce in Phase 2.

Once we were confident all our checks passed and no additional bugs discovered, we were ready to migrate the website and go live.

Previous Website Design

A 2 Zee before

New Website Design

A 2 Zee After
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