Securing the growth for ABC Lock


ABC Lock is a premier small business providing locksmith services across the professional, residential, commercial and automobile verticals in the Hamilton-Niagara region of Ontario, Canada.

With the experience of more than two decades, they have helped thousands of customers with their state-of-the-art locksmith services. ABC Lock is the locals’ go-to locksmith, and continues to grow faster with their outstanding locksmith & security services.


While assessing ABC Lock’s previous website, it was evident that their website wasn’t designed with the latest technology. It was not a fair representation of what services they offer, and also, the site was not performing well in the local Google searches.

The website was not aesthetically pleasing and engaging. It was not user-friendly and difficult to navigate with the unaesthetic appeal. Uploading and updating the content was a tedious task for them without breaking the frontend.

To revamp the visual appeal of the site, we used a modern responsive UI that is mobile-friendly and secured with an SSL certificate. We optimized the site to make it searchable by search engines and humans.


Design Research

We leveraged all the information gathered during the discovery phase to change the dynamics of the design and user experience of ABC Lock. In our design research phase, we decided to increase the color contrast between the text and background of the website.

We knew from the beginning that the site’s design needed to pass the accessibility test; therefore, we focused on making it easy to navigate. We simplified the navigation and innovation to ensure users could interact with the website using the keyboard alone.

We built accessibility into our process for creating the ABC Lock’s website to ensure that the future development meets the accessibility standards.


After completing the pre-build phase, our focus shifted to building the product. Our experts specializing in WordPress, core PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript strove hard to build the ABC Lock’s website innovatively.

We revitalized the dull and outdated website to be an easy-to-navigate, bright and engaging website. Accessibility testing was a crucial part in the website design and development process. ABC Lock now runs under the AODA compliant design and development structure.

After completing the foundational work, our focus was on building templates and integrating content into the template.

Test & Launch

We don’t want to leave any stone unturned; therefore, we do numerous test runs before the final launch of the website. We ran the ABC Lock’s website on multiple browsers and devices to make sure there were no bugs.

Accessibility testing was also one of the significant parts of the testing phase.

We carefully tested the final website with minute details to create the perfect experience for ABC Lock and their audience. After doing the multiple checks from our side, we sent the website to the ABC Lock’s team for testing. With a plan to launch the website, we migrated the website to the live server.

With the passion for delivering world-class services, we do a final round of testing after the website is launched. After going live, we did another round of testing to ensure that the website was working efficiently and engaging with the visitors.

With these improvements, ABC Lock now has an accessible theme and a robust online presence.

Previous Website Design

ABC lock before

New Website Design

ABC lock after
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