Accessibility 101 – A guide to Disabilities


Introduction to Disability

People with disabilities who cannot leave the confines of their house can still do daily tasks with their computers like shop, bank, work, and watch movies. If you take accessibility into account in your application development, designing for people with disabilities is the right thing to do and good for business.

Accessibility is a significant concern, especially for people who experience disabilities that limit their ability to participate in the online world. Sites that are inaccessible take away the user experience and jeopardize their company to lawsuits for accessibility laws. It is essential to plan, build, and test your website for accessibility. This will ensure it is inclusive of people with disabilities.

This series of lectures covers the different types of disabilities and highlights information on the popular accessibility guidelines and laws.

What is Disability

This lecture will cover what you need to know about the many different disabilities and considerations when working with them. In addition, we will present small use cases about web development, design, UX, project management, and quality considerations.

Types of Disability

In the next few series of posts, we will explore each of these disabilities in detail, and their design considerations.

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